Terms. The Airplane will be shipped within 15 days from the Order day.

Delivery. Now the Worldwide shipment is free of charge! We use courier delivery, which shall not take more than 7 days, depending on your location. Note – the Airplane will be shipped from Latvia, EU, so if you are located outside of EU then Customs taxes may apply.

Sizes. Assembled Airplane dimensions – L x W x H (mm): 1630 x 1500 x 520.

Assembling. For delivery the Airplane will have wings and tail disassembled.

  • Assembling time of the plane: up to 30min.
  • Assembling time of the kit: 10 – 16 hours.

Warranty. The Airplane have 12 months warranty.

Customization. Customization is available upon request and for additional price. If you would like to have a customized Airplane please let us know via Contact Form and we’ll get back to you with quotation.

Price and purchase.